Laying Your Business Foundation – Outstanding Customer Service – Part Three

In this series we will talk about the importance of providing outstanding Customer Service. Again, if you have not read the previous series I encourage you stop what you are doing and review the articles NOW!

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. Have you ever shopped at a store and you could not find anyone for assistance? Did you wonder through the store looking for a particular item and could not locate it? I would confidently say 8 out of 10 stores do not offer outstanding customer service.

Furthermore, in order to offer outstanding customer service the business owners must have a well-trained staff to demonstrate outstanding customer service to every customer; regardless if they are making a purchase or inquiring about an item it is the staff responsibility to know about the product or service, if not the staff need to know where to find the product or service.

Customer service is the pivot point that will either increase the company bottom line or shutdown. If the merchant sells to the general public they should have employees that are trained and ready to demonstrate outstanding customer service.

Customers are the most precious assets to any company and without them businesses would not exist. Not only are the customers assets to a business but they add value to the business by referring friends, neighbors, family and others to your business. The following steps will help you start and organize an outstanding Customer Service training program for your business.

Steps To Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Step 1: Greet the customer with a friendly smile then a firm handshake. It is customary to greet each customer with a pleasant smile and or handshake to establish a business relationship between both parties. The initially step sets the tone to demonstrate outstanding customer service.

Step 2: Ask the customer if you can be of assistance then give them your undivided attention. Never assume you know what the customer needs or want. They came into your business for a particular service or product; therefore, they know you have the solution to their problem, which the reason they came to you verses going to your competitor.

Step 3: Answer every question accurately. The customer will know if you can or cannot help them by listening to your response. They will draw a conclusion by listening to your voice tonality, observing your body language and if you’ve been attentive to them since the greeting. Customers are keenly aware of you sincere or not.

Step 4: Explain to them how you can or cannot help them. Observe their request from all angles to find a solution. Just because someone else had a similar problem does not determine the same outcome. Going the extra mile builds trust. This will keep your company in the customer mind when they encounter another problem.

Step 5: Deliver timely results. Do not make any promises you cannot deliver. Do exactly what you agreed to provide at the specified time and price. Be mindful of any changes between both parties; however, if there are changes provide the changes in writing at least 24 hours before the deadline. This will give both parties the opportunity to clarify any misunderstanding.

Step 6: Close the deal. In business deals are always being made. Up to this point you’ve been establishing a relationship with the customer to win them over to do business with you. Now it’s time to either capture them or they will go to your competitors. Closing the deal can be challenging but so was learning to walk, run or ride a bicycle. First, recap what transpired between you and the customer. If you can recall the customers’ interest either verbally or body language this is a good indication that they are interested in your product or service and looking for you to immediately close the deal.

Until Next Time! Stay tuned to “Laying Your Business Foundation.”

These steps will help you start or revise a Customer Service training program for your business. Research and study other programs by searching the internet or visit several merchants in your locale. The topic of discussion for the next article of “Laying Your Business Foundation – Part 4: Professional Telephone Etiquette.

Building Your Business Foundations – The Key Components Explained

So where do I start?

If you are new to internet marketing the whole process can seem a little overwhelming; however following a few simple rules will ensure that you get your business off to a flying start and enable you to feel more confident with your new business venture.

The basis of starting on your foundations is essentially to clarify what you need to achieve with your business; how are you going to set these foundations up? And an element you need to consider is how long will the process take?

There are many areas within your foundations that you need to look at; start by making a list of what you need as far as your business is concerned and work from there. Communication is essential for your business and it takes many forms. E Mail is an obvious one to look at first; you need to make sure that your e mail provider allows you to receive e mails into your in box. The last thing you need is for all your essential mail to be dropped into your spam box; you could miss out on information that is important to the running of your business. A lot of the top providers will offer free accounts and it is down to personal preference as to which one you choose.

You need to look at the financial aspect of your business; how are payments going to be made and how are these going to be set up within your business structure.

A working business bank account should be looked into as quickly as possible; this usually takes time to set up and as your payment processor will need the information in order to make payments into your account this is your first point of call. again it is personal preference as to which bank you use. Look for the best deals around that will save you money and give you the best benefits available.

Payment processors are an essential part of you business structure; this is what you will use so that your customers can make payments for the products and services that you offer. This will be linked up with your bank account; again make this a priority in setting up as these elements can take time to process.

Auto responders form the basis of your communication with your customer base; it allows you the freedom to communicate with a large audience and keep them up to date with all aspects of your business. This will be an essential part of your foundations; something that you need to spend time looking into to get the best for your business.

Domains; sounds obvious given that you are working on the internet, however this does take time to get right. Choosing the right domain name is important so that it will meet the criteria for your business and that the idea of your business name is available to you. Finding the right domain is part of the finer detail that you need to achieve; essentially a window into your business. Focus upon the elements that you wish to promote and work from there, opt for a good service provider that will meet all the needs you require. This can be in to form of a provider who will host your domain as well as providing other services such as auto responder integration, web design as well as training and support.

Although there are many areas to take into consideration when setting up your business you should treat all that you set out to achieve as a great learning curve; trust your abilities and do your research. There are many people out there who will give you all the advice that you need. Sometimes you just need to ask.

Online Business Foundation

With all the home-based businesses out there it can be difficult to find business opportunity that has
basic foundation that you need for a home based business that actually makes you money. Here are some of the basic foundations you need.

1) Start-up Cost: When looking for an online home based business for sale, this is so important. A good rule of thumb is around $2000.00 or less, anything much higher than this you might have to worry about people just getting your money and leaving you in the dust. Remember your starting a business, it will cost you money.

2) System: The business should have a proven system that works . This might be most important thing to look for. Anyone who a successful business has system in place that makes them money. No System= No Money

3)Training and Support: The online Business that you consider should have a training and support back office where members can go for support, and training. If your new to the online world, you’ll we need all training and support you can get, the internet is a big place, and you to make sure your energy is focus in the right place.

The internet is a great place to make a living, like anything your foundation is the most important thing.
So make sure you pick the right business for you.

Every second of the day is a chance to change your life!

Gold nugget= With any venture your attitude will the deciding factor in making it grow. There is reason why you see passionate people succeed!